Dogen Sangha is a worldwide group of Buddhist practitioners under the guidance of Gudo Wafu Nishijima Roshi who was a student of Master Kodo Sawaki – an itinerant monk famous for his efforts to restore the practice of Zazen to its rightful place at the centre of Buddhism.

The name Dogen Sangha signifies that we are a sangha (a group or association of Buddhist practitioners) who follow the teachings of Zen Master Dogen, a 13th century Buddhist monk, and founder of the Soto school of Buddhism.

Dogen Sangha UK is a group of Buddhist practitioners established in Bristol in 1999 by Michael and Yoko Luetchford, who practiced and studied Buddhism in Japan for more than 20 years with Nishijima Roshi.

Our activities are open to all. We hold
weekly sittings in Bristol, London, East Yorkshire and Shropshire, monthly one-day retreats in Bristol and London, and weekend workshops several times a year with the Glasgow Zen Group. We also hold our annual retreat in September in Somerset, a spring retreat in Inverness, and winter and summer retreats in the Czech Republic. Please email us for the latest details, click the links on the right to sign up for our Facebook Groups or add your name to the monthly mailing list.





Nishijima Roshi

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